Jennifer awoke in unfamiliar surroundings. The fact that her head was a little clouded from what must have been a fairly serious drinking session didn’t help matters. She raised her head and surveyed her surroundings. The sight of lots of little empty spirit bottles, scattered around her on the bed, began to jog her memory. Her flight had gotten in the previous night and she had checked into this hotel, which her company had booked for her. As she had arrived in the early hours, the bar had been closed, and that led to her ruthless attack on the mini-bar. Now aware of her situation, she knew she had to prepare for work, so she crawled from beneath the covers and got into the shower.

As the warm, soothing water washed over her body, Jennifer began thinking about her day ahead in Head Office. Her company, CJT Industries, was in the business of site and property development and expansion, and had many offices in various regions around the country. Jennifer had worked in one of the smaller regional offices for a few years now, and had recently been promoted to the position of manager. This meant that she was now obliged to make frequent business trips to Head Office with the other regional managers to engage in often pointless board meetings with the senior partners. This was another of those business trips, and as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair, she hoped the day would go quickly so she could get as early a flight home as possible. Deciding to not think about work any further until she reached the office, Jennifer turned off the shower and grabbed a towel.

As she dried herself, she caught a glimpse of her form in the full-length mirror that stood in the corner. She let the towel slide down her smooth body, and took a better look at herself. Her shoulder-length black hair framed the soft features of her face. She knew her face was probably her most attractive feature. However, as she looked at her virtually uncovered body she was slightly surprised at how good her shape looked. Her breasts weren’t very big, but they were perky and suited her 5ft 5″ frame. The amount of jogging she did at home gave her a very trim and tight stomach and also shaped her legs nicely. She turned to the side, still eyeing herself, and was impressed by her tight little ass. Jennifer flexed her cheeks playfully to emphasise their perky quality.

Feeling good about herself she decided to put on her short skirt instead of the trousers she had intended to wear. She added some heels and white blouse, to be topped off later by her jacket, and again looked at herself in the mirror. “Damn, I look good!” she thought, somewhat excitedly. The outfit really made her look and feel incredibly sexy, but still had that professional look she needed for mixing with senior management.

Just then she noticed a mark on her ankle, and she bent over to examine it closer. It turned out to be just a bit of dust that she easily wiped off, but before she straightened up she again caught her image in the mirror. “Well, hello there!” she purred to the reflection of her perfect, bent-over figure. Jennifer had never realised how flattering this skirt was to her ass, especially when she was bent over like this. She thought about how a man would react to seeing her like this and it excited her. She began to wonder if she’d have the courage to tease a guy by bending over in front of him like this, and started to feel a little aroused. She considered touching herself and bringing herself to a quick orgasm while she looked in the mirror, but realised she didn’t have time, so she just laughed and smiled to herself as she finished getting ready. On her way out of the room she jokingly thought about taking that magical mirror with her, but managed to leave the room and check out before she thought too seriously about it.

The day in Head Office went very well for Jennifer. During the morning she attended a couple of meetings and senior management told her they were pleased with the work she had done since her promotion. She spent some time collaborating on some of the projects of the other regional managers, in an effort to mix well and make a further positive impression while she was in Head Office. She was due for one final board meeting, and then she would be finished for the day, and she could get her flight home.

However, this meeting didn’t go as well as she had hoped. It turned out that one of the senior partners, Ian Johnson, was expecting an important report from Jennifer on one of the biggest projects she was heading. This was news to Jennifer. The Wolfburg report was not due for another two weeks and she had barely started on it. Even though most of the other managers knew this, they kept their mouths shut so as not to engage in confrontation with the fearsome Johnson. Jennifer knew she would not be able to argue with him on her own, so it soon became apparent that she was going to have to stay late, complete the report, and get a flight in the early hours. She accepted the decision professionally, but she was seriously pissed off that she had not gotten any support from any of the other eight regional managers who knew the truth. She looked across the table at one of them in particular. His name was Matt McCarthy. He was one of Johnson’s favourites and Jennifer knew that he could have explained the situation easily to the old man, and then she wouldn’t be facing the prospect of this late shift.

As everyone left the boardroom, Jennifer noticed that Matt was making his way over to her. He caught up with her in the corridor, and offered his olive branch. “Hey, everybody knows the truth. We all know that the report wasn’t due for two weeks at least. But with Johnson being such a prick recently, no one wanted to say anything.”

Jennifer wasn’t impressed. She knew McCarthy was the one Johnson was grooming for greatness in the firm. The rumours were that McCarthy would be offered a partnership within the next 2 years. Jennifer stopped and turned. “I can understand everybody else being too scared to speak up, Matt, but you have Johnson in your pocket,” she said. “You could have cleared me with that charm you always use on the old man. Everybody knows you can get whatever you want from him. In fact, some of us are starting to wonder if you are ‘working’ for Johnson outside of office hours!” Jennifer smirked. Nobody thought that, but it had become a bit of an in-joke between some of the managers.

Matt smiled. “I know everyone thinks Johnson favours me over the other managers, but it’s not true. I know when I closed some of those big deals a couple of years ago, particularly the Dillon account, Johnson was impressed and took an interest in my progress. But recently I haven’t been doing as well and the big guy doesn’t treat me any differently than you or anyone else.”

Jen was surprised. “But you’re working on the Ardiden project! Johnson wouldn’t give that to just anyone.”

Matt looked a little bit sheepish. “Maybe some years ago, but the Ardiden project has had some serious problems, and most of the backers have pulled out. Everybody still thinks it’s a big deal, and that’s the way Johnson wants to keep it, but it’s no bigger than anything that you’re working on right now.”

Feeling quite stunned, Jennifer had to ask him straight out. “So you’re saying that all the rumours about you making partner in the next 2 years aren’t true?”

Matt did a double take and then broke out laughing. “Where did you hear that? You’re kidding, right? Jesus, Jen! I’m 25! Do you really think I’d be a partner here by the time I’m 27? You’re a smart girl. Think about it!”

Jennifer had to concur with his reasoning. He was only 2 years older than her, and it did seem completely unlikely that anybody, no matter how good they were, could make partner in this company by the age of 27. “Look Jen, if I could have saved your ass in there with Johnson, I would have. I just don’t have that kind of sway with him anymore.” He touched her lightly on the arm. “I feel really bad about letting you hung out to dry like that. How ’bout I stay behind with you and give you a hand. I know a bit about the Wolfburg project, and it should get you out of here earlier than if you were on your own.”

Jennifer gave a shy smile. She hadn’t realised in their previous brief encounters that Matt could be this charming. The idea of him helping made sense. She would be able to leave earlier, grab a flight at a somewhat decent hour, and having some company would be appreciated as well, so she accepted his offer.

By half six, they were the only people left in the office. The two had made great progress already, and if they kept going at this rate Jennifer felt they could be finished before nine! This was quite surprising to her; if she had worked on her own, she would definitely be working until the early hours of the morning. The difference was clearly the work Matt was putting in. He had said he knew a bit about the Wolfburg project, but his knowledge of the facts, figures and general status of her work almost seemed to rival her own. She didn’t dwell too much on the fact, however, as she was just happy with the progress they were making.

A few hours later, the pair began to finalise the report. The time had flown, with silly conversation, jokes and suggestive remarks. Jennifer was a little surprised to feel a little attraction to her colleague. She had always seen Matt McCarthy as Johnson’s butt-boy. Ok, a butt-boy with good looks, but a butt-boy all the same. However, after spending the evening working with him and getting to know a bit more about him, she actually found him quite charming, and could better appreciate his attractive physical qualities. She also found herself practically flirting openly with him on a couple of occasions. At this late hour, keeping a professional appearance was hardly important, and both had made themselves more comfortable. Matt had removed his jacket and tie and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Jennifer had also removed her jacket and opened three buttons on her blouse. She would normally make do with two, but she was beginning to enjoy her little flirtations with Matt, and this was just another one to have fun with.

Even though she was enjoying their little playful teasing remarks, they still had a job to do, and Jennifer needed some documents that Matt had earlier. She asked where he had put them, and Matt replied that he thought they were finished with them and so had filed them away on the bottom shelf across the office. As she went to retrieve the documents, a thought came into her head, and a seductive grin crept onto her face. She recalled how she had looked in that mirror this morning as she bent over. She wondered how Matt would react to seeing her in this position. She liked the idea of taking charge in their flirting games, and didn’t know if Matt would be able to top what she had planned for him.

As she reached the shelves on the wall, she wanted to make sure that Matt was looking at her. As it turned out, Matt had been watching her every move across the floor and was admiring the seductive sway in her walk.

“Where did you say you put them?” she asked him, as if she didn’t know.

“Down on the bottom shelf on your left,” came the reply. Then Jennifer made her move. Knowing that Matt was watching her, she slowly bent from the waist until her hand touched the ground. Matt grinned at the spectacular view in front of him. This attractive girl was displaying her ass in front of him in this fashion quite deliberately, and that turned him on as much as the glorious view of her behind that he had from this position.

“I can’t seem to find them. Are you sure you put them here?” Jennifer asked, continuing to tease.

“Er… I thought I put them there. Maybe I should come over and help you find them.” Matt started to make his way across the office.

Not wanting to be found out to be so obviously teasing, Jennifer ended her game. “No, it’s ok. I found them,” she said, and then picked up the documents before slowly straightening up from her teasing position.

Jennifer turned to walk back across the office, but was surprised to see Matt was still walking right towards her. He had a grin on his face, and there was a distinct bulge in his pants that told her he had definitely enjoyed her little game. A bit taken aback, she tried to regain control of the situation by holding up the documents saying, “It’s ok Matt, I got what I was looking for.”

Matt walked right up to her until his six foot frame was next to hers, “No Jen, I don’t think you got what you were looking for. Not just yet, anyway.” And with that, Matt lunged towards her and kissed her passionately, full on the lips. His left hand wrapped itself around her waist and his right held the back of her head so he could kiss her as deeply as possible.

Jennifer didn’t know how to react to what was happening. Sure, she had been attracted to Matt, and yes, she had been flirting with him more and more as the evening went on, but had she really wanted things to go this way? They had been playing around, but now they were locked in a passionate embrace and the feeling she got as he kissed her, coupled with the large shape pressing into her stomach, told her that Matt wanted more. Jennifer tried to think about if she wanted this or not, but as she felt his firm body pressed against hers, and the tingling she was feeling all over from the way he kissed her, she realised it didn’t matter if she wanted this or not. She NEEDED it! And as she kissed him back as hard as he was kissing her, she dropped her documents, unable to remember why she was holding them in the first place.

With one forceful move, Matt lifted Jennifer from the shelves over to a nearby desk. The force with which they slammed against the table knocked some of the files and papers that were on top onto the floor. Matt ended their embrace and for a moment they both just looked at each other, with growing lust evident in both their eyes. Then Matt moved in again. He ripped open Jennifer’s blouse, sending buttons flying everywhere, and savoured the sight of her firm breasts heaving as her breathing became heavier. Again pausing, he marvelled at how her lacy bra held these creatures, shaping them into the delectable curvy view before him, before he slipped down the light material to reveal her stiff, hard nipples. He couldn’t resist such a treat and began to go to work on Jenny’s right breast, licking and sucking on it, biting it so softly.

Jennifer’s body shook a little from feeling his teeth clasp on to her sensitive nipples, but she felt no pain as she closed her eyes and took in the sheer sensation of pleasure she was feeling through her body. Still kissing her, Matt moved his hands down to her hips and slid down along the soft fabric, moving around to her ass, giving it a firm squeeze before continuing on his way down to the end of Jennifer’s skirt. With another forceful move, Matt lifted up the skirt over her hips and left it there, bunched up around her waist.

Jennifer was feeling so turned on at this moment. Matt was taking complete control and she loved it. Matt dropped to his knees and slowly pulled down Jennifer’s panties, which by this stage had become quite wet, and let them drop. Jennifer tried to picture how she looked right now. She was leaning up against an office desk with her blouse ripped open, her breasts hanging out of her bra; her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and her wet panties hung around her ankles, as this man she hardly knew navigated through her pubic hair with his tongue. She felt so slutty as she pictured herself this way and it turned her on even more, and her knees began to get weak.

Jennifer decided to help her seducer and stepped out of her panties. She sat up on the desk and spread her legs, giving Matt full access to the soft wet lips in front of his face. Matt knew what she wanted him to do, and he knew that he was up to the task. He delved his tongue into the hot cunt in front of him and tasted the sweetness. His hands began stroking the inside of her thighs, pushing her legs apart even further, so he could get closer to Jennifer’s luscious, velvety pussy. Jennifer loved being in this completely exposed, submissive position. She was completely giving her body to this man, and although she had never realised it before, she loved being a total slut.

Matt’s hands began to roam higher on her body, and he started to caress her breasts, softly at first, then more vigorously as Jennifer moaned in sheer ecstasy, all the while with Matt continuing to lick and suck at her clitoris. The stimulation she was receiving was all too much and her whole body began to shudder and shake and Jenny had to bite her lip to keep from screaming, as Matt continued his assault through her intense climax.

With her head still spinning, Jennifer returned to the real world and looked up at the tall, broad figure towering over her. She saw the look on Matt’s face and knew he wasn’t finished with her, and the thought of what might be yet to come sent further shivers cascading down her half naked body. Matt began to unzip his fly, never taking his eyes off the beautiful, sexy girl lying in front of him on the desk. Jennifer leaned forward and her eyes widened as she saw the size of the cock that was being unveiled before her. She had never seen one as big as this before in real life. It must have been over eight inches long and looked very thick and almost powerful. She began to get hot at the very thought of having this monster inside of her, and without even realising it, she lightly licked her lips in anticipation.

Matt leaned in closer to the desperate form who lay on the desk. He rubbed the head of his dick up against Jenny’s now sopping wet pussy. Just this sensation alone felt so good to both of them, but they weren’t going to stop there.

Ever since Matt had started things off by kissing Jennifer, not a word had been spoken between them. Jenny broke the silence with a simple plea. “Please,” she begged, wanting to feel Matt’s dick inside her, filling her. Matt wanted her as much as she wanted him and thrust himself forward suddenly, giving her what they both needed so badly. Even though Matt was a lot bigger than what Jenny was used to, she was so wet that he slid all the way inside her quite easily.

“Oh God, yeah!” Jennifer moaned as Matt began to pick up a rhythm, pumping his tool inside her. Jen lifted herself up and kissed him hard on the lips, before she returned Matt’s earlier favour and ripped open his shirt. Matt’s chest was more muscular than she had given him credit for, and she enjoyed the feel of his firm torso as her hands explored his body while he continued fucking her. Getting turned on by having this sexy creature caressing his body, Matt increased his tempo. This became too much for Jenny, and she bit down on his chest as the sheer animal nature of what they were doing took hold of her. She drew blood as her second climax of the evening washed through her. Her pussy clenched his cock in quick waves as she came, and it was this added stimulation that pushed Matt over the edge, too.

With a final thrust, Matt shot his load inside Jenny’s cunt, and the feel of the warm jets of sperm inside her excited her. Jennifer thought to herself that it was a good thing she was on the pill, as the suddenness of this encounter left no time for condoms. The pair held each other closely, breathing heavily as they recovered from the exertions of the previous few minutes.

They didn’t say much to each other. After all, what was there to say? They had just had some of the best sex they ever had, so what’s the point in trying to say anything? It wasn’t long, however, before Jennifer decided that she wanted more. If they were going to do it, they might as well do it right, and Jenny felt she could go again. However, when she looked down, she saw that Matt’s dick was still limp, and so she decided to give him a helping hand, or, more accurately, a helping mouth!

Jennifer took control. She made Matt lean against the desk and dropped to her knees in front of him. She began to tease his dick with her tongue and soon there were some signs of movement in Matt’s lifeless appendage. She closed her wet, soft lips around his growing shaft and began to bob her head up and down, encouraged by the feel of the ever-increasing size in her mouth. Matt moaned softly and his lust for Jenny grew, due to the expert job she was doing in resuscitating his cock. Jennifer stroked his balls as she licked up and down his now fully erect shaft, giving the head a flick with her tongue every now and then just for good measure.

Jennifer was stunned by how turned on she was getting just by giving a blowjob. She began to rub her nipples and finger her pussy all while she continued sucking on Matt’s huge dick. She was ready. He was ready. She wanted him NOW! She looked up at him while still sucking on his throbbing penis, and could see he was in heaven. Then she removed her lips from him, and with a challenging tone in her voice said, “Fuck me, McCarthy, if you’ve got the balls to!” and yanked down on his sack for added emphasis.

The challenge had been issued and Matt was more than up for meeting it. After all, Jennifer had seen to that by giving him the best blowjob he had ever experienced. But if he had to prove he had a pair, then by all means, that’s what he was going to do.

Matt pulled her up till she was standing in front of him, and then kissed her deeply. “You want to get fucked, slut? I’ll give you the fuck of your life!” With that he spun her around and bent her over the desk, scattering papers and files and paper cups everywhere. Jenny’s fine ass quivered in front of him as he got into position behind her and shoved his cock hard into her cunt. Jennifer had never been taken so forcefully before but she loved being dominated by Matt. She was his slut and he was having his way with her. He was in control, and she loved it.

Matt then spoke further. “And do you know what else? I was the one that told Johnson your report was due today. He was expecting it as scheduled in a couple of weeks, but I convinced the old man otherwise. It was quite easy, really.”

Jennifer was amazed. She turned her head to look at the man who still had his dick in her pussy and was telling her this. “What? Why?” was all she could offer for a response.

“Simple, really. You looked so hot when I saw you this morning that I wanted a piece of your ass. I knew if I could convince Johnson that your report was due, then he’d make you stay late, and, well, I could offer to help you out. Which wasn’t particularly hard as I had one of the juniors in my staff prepare most of the report this morning in anticipation of my plan.”

Matt smiled with a smug grin. “Oh, and one more thing. Partner within two years? You were way off. They offered me a partnership last week, and I accepted this afternoon. So, babe, you’ve been fucking a partner tonight! How do you feel about that?”

As furious as Jennifer was at how deceitful Matt had been, she was equally turned on by being so controlled in the whole situation. She had been in need of a good fucking even before Matt’s revelations, but now she felt like such a dominated slut that she was insatiable. She needed his dick inside her, fucking her hard. She wanted him to be in charge, and didn’t care that he had tricked her. “Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck your slut hard!” to which Matt laughed, and replied, “With pleasure, my dear, with pleasure!” and began to thrust into her pussy forcefully.

Jennifer loved the aggressive nature of the fuck session her cunt was enduring, and she also loved how much of a slut she felt being bent over the desk like this, helpless to the pounding from behind she was getting. Matt pulled her back by her hair as he continued banging his cock into her roughly. Faster and faster his tempo had become, with both parties more and more consumed by animalistic urges, carnal urges, their basic instincts.

Jennifer reached back around Matt’s neck as he kissed hers and groped at her breasts with both his hands. She was close… oh, so close… She could feel her orgasm building as she pushed her ass back into him with every forward thrust of his pelvis, but then he stopped! She knew he hadn’t cum, so what had happened? Matt reached down and put two of his fingers into Jenny’s dripping wet pussy. He moved them around a little and then withdrew.

It was when Jenny felt Matt massage those wet fingers into her asshole that it suddenly dawned on her what he was planning. Jennifer had never been fucked in the ass before, but the whole forbidden nature of it just turned her on so much that she wasn’t going to try and stop him. Matt pushed a finger inside her ass, and then a second. The feel of his fingers in her ass felt good to Jen, but couldn’t possibly compare to the size of his dick, so she began to worry if she would be able to take him all without hurting herself. However, before she could have second thoughts, Matt lunged forward and pushed his cock half way into Jenny’s back passage. It hurt. Not much, but it hurt as Matt’s fat prick eased it’s way into Jennifer’s ass slowly.

Matt pushed in a little bit further with each thrust, pulling out a little and pushing back in some more. It was hurting Jennifer, but the pleasurable sensation it was causing her more than compensated for this. Suddenly Matt was all the way inside her, filling her ass completely. Matt had never experienced anything so tight around his cock in his life and he paused to let Jennifer adjust to his size.

He leaned forward and turned Jenny’s head around and kissed her deeply on the lips. “Do you like my cock in your ass, bitch?” he taunted her.

“Yeah,” she replied breathlessly, “now finish what you started and fuck me!”

Matt needed no more encouragement than that. He started slowly at first, but with an increasing tempo, he fucked her hot little ass, pumping his prick in and out. This whole experience was driving Jennifer crazy, and her feelings weren’t eased when Matt began playing with her breasts again. She reached down and found her clit, and started to rub it frantically, as his onslaught on her ass continued. Harder and harder he fucked her shit-hole, teasing her tits, pulling her hair so she arched her back, and still she kept stroking her clit.

It was all getting too much for Matt. This was the greatest fuck he had ever had and he could do nothing about stopping the flood of cum, which was building in his balls, from shooting up her tight chute. Jennifer’s moaning had gotten louder and louder, as her own climax approached. Matt’s fucking had reached fever pitch with his balls slapping off Jenny’s cunt as he continued pushing his rock hard shaft up her ass, and then it all consumed her…

The combination of his dick in her ass, his hands playing with her tits, and her own fingers on her clit, just wiped her out completely. She let out a deafening cry as her climax hit her violently. Wave after wave of ecstasy was sent shivering down through every inch of her body. Again, for Matt, this extra stimulation pushed him over the edge, and he shot his load of cum up her asshole, letting out a loud groan of sheer lust to signal the end of the best fuck he would ever have.

They both lay there, half clothed, bathed in sweat, on the ground with Matt behind Jennifer, spooning her as they recovered from their activities.

Jennifer turned her head and kissed him and smiled. “So, you’re a partner then?”

Matt smiled and held her close. “That’s right, youngest in the history of the firm. Why?”

Jenny started to stroke Matt’s leg seductively. “Oh, I was just wondering how good my chances are of sleeping my way to the top?”

Matt laughed out loud. “Oh, good, I’d say. Very, very good!”