Blue moon – Beautiful lingerie – MSD

Steve and Chris had been married for ten years. Or would be on the upcoming weekend. Steve sat reading the morning paper, as was his want, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee his other companion, as Chris hadn’t made her way downstairs yet. They owned and operated their own floral shop. One of the advantages […]

Hotel | lingerie for beautiful people

Janice had nearly finished packing her suitcase. She had left one item for last. Turning to her dresser, she quietly pulled the bottom drawer, which contained her jogging suits and sweats. Reaching deep into the bottom of the drawer where she’d hidden it, she retrieved the black satin form-fitting nightgown that she’d bought nearly two […]

Working late isn’t all bad!

Jennifer awoke in unfamiliar surroundings. The fact that her head was a little clouded from what must have been a fairly serious drinking session didn’t help matters. She raised her head and surveyed her surroundings. The sight of lots of little empty spirit bottles, scattered around her on the bed, began to jog her memory. […]